About Us

This blog was started as a way of keeping a simple but effective record of progress in two gardens, one in WA, and one in NSW, Australia. We started our tiny steps of changing a suburban WA block into a more sustainable space in 2008 after learning about the impact we could have and how it would benefit the planet. So the changes that we have made have been from a social justice perspective and a sense of responsibility to others that we share this planet with.

 In 2009 my sister-in-law and her husband visited us and decided that they would like to grow vegetables in their Gunnedah garden.This blog was a way I could share the information and links that I had found in the previous 12 months and encourage them. So this space is for us to share our progress, share photos and info, and keep a record of our progress. Whilst the blog largely consists of information about the garden in WA the Gunnedah garden has begun and continues to thrive. The blog continues to be a way for us to catalogue our progress, but more importantly share the links we have found, and also encourage others on suburban blocks to take sustainable steps. As well it is a way to share social justice information and resources as without a fair and just planet it will never be sustainable.

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