Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sustainable Sisters-Getting Started

It has been over 18 months since I started gradually transforming a normal suburban garden into a Permaculture garden. Herbs were the first adventure and a few vegies in a no dig garden made out of an old basketball backboard and scraps by my daughter.

There are wonderful cooks in this family and the lure of freshly grown herbs has been an incentive, each small success leading to yet another growing attempt. A desire to do something for the environment, and the excitement of learning more and more, particularly about Permaculture, working with nature rather than against, feels much more comfortable than the poisoning and chopping that more traditional gardeners often use.

Finding a wonderful local nursery with owners who are knowledgeable and happy to share their expertise has also been really important, I would never have attempted to grow the number of fruit trees in pots without that support, and am thrilled with the results. We also have two ducks, Indian Runners, we had to exchange the Pekin ducks, wonderful producers and great characters but too loud for an average suburban block.

Recently my sister in law and her husband visited us and spent time in the garden, they have returned home and Deb and I have now become Sustainable Sisters, as she has been inspired to start her own food garden. So this space is for us to share our progress, share photos and info and keep a record of our progress in improving the quality of our lives and the planet the small part of the planet that we inhabit.

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  1. How great! I love the picture of the ducks! Thanks for the blog follow...I will definitely be reading up here.