Monday, March 8, 2010

Fifteen Kilos of Produce - only 185 kilos to go!

As of yesterday we have harvested 15 kilos of produce from the garden, since we started the weighing at the beginning of February. Cherry tomatoes, Rock Melons, Chilis and Eggplants are the staples. This shot shows the Watermelon vine, which hopefully will also produce lots of heavy produce.

Though we did harvest out very first Strawberry Guava yesterday, it was delicious, so we hope for many more as the tree grows. Other news, the neighbours have removed all the ivy from the fence as it was pushing the fence over and we are in the process of putting up some bamboo sheets to cover the ghastly fence.



Also we have beautiful flowers on the Garlic Chives plant.

And we are also trying to cool down the very hot spot which is the front of the house as it faces directly west, so we have planted a Virginia Creeper.

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