Sunday, April 18, 2010

Planting Fruit Trees and Tidying Up

We have decided that it would be better to plant some of the fruit trees that we have in pots. That way they will produce more food, some shade and habitat. Deciding what could go out on the nature strip took a while, it is a tough position, so we finally settled on The Loquat and Fig Trees to start with. Using compost that we had made the, old pavers for edges digging began.

It looks so easy when it is all done, but it was a huge job as the grass is so thick, Andy was terrific doing it! He also scattered some of the Everlasting Daisy seeds around the bottom, so hopefully they will come up.

The other job that needed doing was the No Dig Garden out the front, so we pulled out all the old plants and lots of weeds and added compost, manure and worm castings. The we planted carrot seeds, Japanese Turnip seeds, Perpetual Spinach seeds and Dwarf Kale seeds. As well i transplanted some Spinach, Strawberries and a Marogold from the old wheelbarrow garden, it was time for that to go.

As you can see we have some fruit on one of the Pineapple Guavas, and the Pineapple Top under Mat's window is still hanging in!

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