Sunday, October 31, 2010

Artichokes - Peacharines

The Globe Artichoke is looking fantastic at the moment, a neighbour has promised to teach us how to cook them, she suggested that we let them grow to big last time. I will check this week whether it is time to start harvesting them.

This shows the growth of the hedge and the no-dig garden, the warmer weather has led to a growth spurt, particularly the Almond tree and vegetable. The Spinach is till going to seed and we have now staked the Tomato plants.we have harvested lots of Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, Bok Choy and herbs this week and will continue to do so as they will not appreciate the warmer weather which is heading our way.

Below is a close up of the best flowering Pineapple Guava which form the hedge, hopefully we will actually get enough fruit to share this year.

We are also letting the Coriander flower and seed and hope to collect those seeds too. The Perennial Basil behind it continues to flower and attract lots of bees.

The Blackberry bush which is planted in one of the No-Dig fridge gardens is covered in flowers and newly formed Blackberries.

Next to it is the Peacharine Tree with the first two small fruits, we have mulched this with sugar cane mulch too and it seems much happier.

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