Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Garden Hums

Attracting beneficial insects to the garden is really important in any garden and particularly a productive, organic garden. This is why I get so excited to see Ladybirds and Bees among the creatures that visit us.
We have a Platypus Gum, planted originally to break the strong southerly winds and provide some shade. It is often full of birds, and standing beside it whilst it is in flower, as it is now, it feels as though the whole tree is  humming as the bees enjoy their foraging.

How well the skillful Gardner drew
Of flow'rs and herbes this Dial new;
Where from above the milder Sun
Does through a fragrant Zodiak run;
And, as it works, th'indutrious Bee
Computes its time as well as we.
How could should sweet and wholesome Hours
Be reckon'd but with herbs and flow'rs!

Andrew Marvell 1621-78

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