Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Wonder of Vines

 The Pumpkin vines have grown so large it has swamped the new garden we built not so long ago. The extra work of putting up a trellis has helped, but we are happy for it to spread whilst it needs to. The large yellow flowers are lovely and full of bees.
 We do need to watch out that the Persimmon tree is nt swallowed up though.
 We have harvested our first pumpkin and two rock melons, with more to come. We left some stalk on the pumpkin as we have been told how important that is to keep it from rotting, it should keep for up to 6 months.
And finally another wonderful vine in our garden. This is the first two bunches of grapes ever produced by our oldest vine. They are delicious and have encouraged us to but two more vines so that eventually we will be oversupplied with grapes.

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