Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Espaliering - Apple Trees

When we began we had all of our fruit trees in pots, thinking that this yard was too small for 'normal' fruit trees.
However continued research on blogs, websites and books has shown us that we can fit far more trees into the space that we have, we just need to manage them.

When we moved the Apple Trees they settled in quickly into the no- dig garden out the back, though only produced one apple between them.

So we decided to try and increase production, reduce wasted space and cover an ugly fence, all at the same time by esapliering the trees.

We are beginners at all of this, so may not have done it correctly, however they seem to have grown rapidly since we actually attached them to the wire, so fingers crossed we will have an apple each next season.

We could have purchased dwarf apples, and perhaps we still will. We are regular viewers of Gardening Australia and you can find a fact sheet about Dwarf Apples, and lots more, here.


  1. Hi
    I couldn't find an email address so thought I would do this through here.
    We have just 'trimmed' our lilly pilly tree and harvested over 5kg of fruit. Are you interested in any? I know you are in Perth. I am in the northern suburbs. Email if you want any.

  2. Thanks, that is very kind, I have sent you an email, hopefully you will get it:)