Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feverfew, Passionfruit, Italian Parsley and Aloe Vera

 Having been very busy at work since February the garden has been neglected and it shows as we have very little produce available to use at the moment. We are lucky that we do not need to survive from this garden or we would be in trouble. However there are a few plants which are growing well, above is Feverfew which we planted to encourage beneficial insects, it has daisy like flowers in summer and the ladybirds and bees love it.
Italian Parsley
 Another flourishing favourite is Italian Parsley, we grew this from seed and have been thrilled with the results, great to look at and delicious to eat, no garden should be without it.

Passion-fruit Vine

 When you read about passion-fruit vines, it should be time to trim them back, but ours is covered in green fruit. Luckily i listened to Roots and Shoots on ABC radio yesterday and a caller explained that she no longer prunes back her vine as those small green fruits will ripen and grow once the weather is warmer again. Meanwhile it provides a fantastic screen.
Aloe Vera
 This Aloe Vera plant has grown from a very small cutting I bought at he the local environment centre, I have never used it yet, but hope to do so once it gets larger.

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