Sunday, July 10, 2011

Planting Peach Trees

We have been given two large peach trees by a colleague who owns an orchard, he had planted them too closely together and so had had to dig many of them up. We were able to have two of the salvaged, heavily trimmed trees, and do hope that they will survive the rather rough few weeks that they have just had.
 We pulled up the Persimmon and re-potted it ( not sure if it is actually still alive), and pulled down some of the trellis that we had up for the pumpkins to make room for one of the trees. In the background we have Mini Caulis, bean and snow peas growing.

 We will be adding some extra mulch tomorrow, but ran out of time today.

 There are buds all over the trees, we do not know which type they are, and hope that we have enough cool days here for them to produce fruit.

 We decided that as these trees were much larger than we expected we should move the JuJube tree out beside the pool , fence, so that we can espalier it, and put the other Peach tree in its place.
If the trees settle in, we should be able to take advantage of some shade this year, something that is sorely needed in summer.

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