Friday, October 14, 2011

Up on the Roof

This is a different view of our front garden, from the roof, and you can see the Peach trees which we have put the pest deterrent bags on, the paper bags have not been successful as it is too windy, and they keep blowing off.

The Gunnedah 'Sustainable Sister" is here once again for a holiday and with her husband had the great idea of making some more mesh bags for the trees, they are made from a light flyscreen sown up with 'brickies' twine.

You can also see the layout of the  no dig  and vertical gardens, the bird baths and the amount of grass that we still need to get rid of!


  1. That frontyard looks good.
    We're in the Peel Region and my goal was to not have to buy any vegetables. If we wanted to eat it I had to grow it. We did that and I'm working on other challengers/goals now.

    It's nice isn't it, being able to grow and eat our own food.


  2. Well done! I think you may be on a much larger block than we are, but how great that you can grow all your own vegetables. We love growing our own food, one day we hope to grow all of it too. We actually live in the Rockingham area, so not that far from you, but have a long way to go yet.