Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mulching Mulberries

Spring has arrived and with it warmer weather, buds and bees. This Platypus Gum will soon be humming with bees and meanwhile the Daises below are attracting the bees to the garden as well.  
One patch of our front garden, I have been mulching today, using wet newspapers, mushroom compost etc. We have lots of Spinach and Rainbow Chard, so I am able to give away our surplus which I love to do.


I have also mulched under the Mulberry Tree, it is covered in fruit and I hope to be able to retain the water in the surrounding soil so that we end up with buckets and buckets of juicy Mulberries. I also picked up the twigs that i had trimmed off a few months ago, they are dry now and I will use them for kindling.

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