Monday, February 11, 2013

Reducing Heat- Increasing Shade

We have had some really hot weather here in Perth which has made us re-look at the way that we reduce the impact on our house. The porch on the front faces west and so heats ups and releases a lot of heat at night, so we have had a blind installed which stops 90% of the UV rays but lets light/air in.
It has made a huge difference to the heat coming into the front of the house, but still allows us to see out and watch the birds in the bird baths.

 One of the bedrooms faces east and gets the hot morning sun, plus the pavers around the pool heat up and release heat all day. So we have put another blind on that window and it has made a huge difference.
 We have replaced the pool cover, which reduces water loss and means the water stays warmer, but we have now also placed some shade sails over the pool, which also reduce the heat stored and released by the pavers.
We knew that it would make a difference, but to be honest we had not realised quite how much difference it would make and we wish we had done it earlier!

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