Saturday, March 16, 2013

In Our Garden Today

 Getting ready for the water tank and replacing the guttering, a new fence has been put in.
 Gutters have been removed and Andy is sanding them and rust proofing them, the plan is to plumb in another 5000 litre tank and connect it to the no - dig gardens at the front.
 We have had no fruit yet from the pomegranate tree but the flowers are glorious.
 The chilli plants are surviving amongst the pumpkin vines.
 The strawberry guava has produced at least 50 pieces of fruit this year so far.
 The apple trees are fruiting and getting used to being espaliered.
 Not sure what the vine is at the bottom, but the choko vine has taken off again after struggling in the storms and the heat.
 Amazing spider web in the garden at the moment.
 The jujube is still growing, as is the grape vine and banana plant in the pool area.
 The garlic chives are covered in lovely flowers at the moment.

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