Monday, May 6, 2013

Mulching - No Dig garden

My family have bought me a shredder for Mother's Day and my birthday, at my request, as as the trees and bushes keep growing I wanted to be able to quickly and easily put the cuttings back into the garden.

So now we have a layer of mulch from our garden on the top of the new no - dig garden, wonderful!
We have also moved one of our two compost bins into this garden and spread the compost over the established garden. Also placed down more cardboard, thanks to the wonderful staff at my workplace canteen,  ready for the next lot of pine bark chips.


  1. I absolutely love this blog but have no idea how to follow it

    1. Hi Milow, thanks for the feedback, I am glad that you enjoy the blog. I have taken on board your comment and now added a follow me by email link. Best wishes, Sustainable Sisters:)