Monday, May 20, 2013

You Tube Inspired!

Our apple trees are looking better and better. I have been watching lots of You Tube gardening shows, including 'Know Your Garden' which have inspired me to keep looking at how the garden is working. The whole series is great and you cannt fail to feel enthused to get out in the garden and be creative and productive.

Another series , now on You Tube is the 'Edible Garden' series, again lots and lots of ideas about creating a beautiful and edible garden.  Here you can see bananas, sweet potatoes and grapes.

Whilst I enjoy these two shows, they do still dig the garden and till the earth, which we do not want to do. So it was great to watch some permaculutre videos too that  reminded me how important mulching and layering are and how beneficial it is to try and recreate a forest garden. Val and Eli's  garden was a great reminder and an inspiration about what can be done.

Watching permaculute clips has also reminded me how useful comfrey is, I was lucky enough to pick some up at the Grower's Green  Farmer's Market yesterday and have planted them next to fruit trees today. I also bought a thai coriander and New Zealand spinach.

Whilst this is only an average suburban lot, walls, plants etc create micro climates, here are the large ferns under a grapevine.

We have now completed mulching all of the areas of the front garden that we are going to. The next step will be to get manure to put on the new no - dig garden. Watching other gardens and gardeners provides so many ideas, it is always interesting to see other productive gardens around the world.

The importance of growing plants that can be used in multiple ways, shade, food amd mulch, like this grape vine. Here is a great garden in Melbourne that is growing lots of food.

There are also  lots of clips about holding moisture, mulching and no digging, this one concentrates on micro - organizms, remember to chop and drop too!

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