Sunday, June 23, 2013

Starting to Plant

Bought some heirloom seedlings at the Growers Green markets, this is a fantastic market and if you live near Fremantle well worth a visit. This particular stall is called Heirloom Farm, the quality and variety of the seedlings is excellent, looking forward to their website being up. We also bought a fresh pineapple, juiced it and planted the top, fingers crossed it will grow.

We have decided to plant out the new garden in sections due to time constraints, so the first strip to be planted is beside the path. We are already realising that it would have been better to keep a pathway through to the rainwater tank, so will modify that before we plant that area. Being able to see how the garden works as it is being changed so drastically is one big advantage if taking smaller steps now.

Saw a great tip on Gardening Australia where Costa puts down the manure, compost and mulch and then makes a hole to put the seedlings in. So much easier than putting the seedlings in and then putting the mulch around them - always learning new skills!

We used the rest of the mulch to protect the plants that we planted last weekend.

The plants always look healthier when they are mulched.

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