Friday, July 12, 2013

Perth City Farm

Today I needed to drop my son off at the East Perth train station and so we decided to visit Perth City Farm and have lunch as part of our journey, it was a lovely day to visit.

 I had not been there for about a year and was so impressed with all of the new features, including this example garden which is now at the front entrance, here you can see an aquaponics set-up.

 Throughout the areas there are permaculture gardens everywhere and examples of reuse and recycling. The gardens also  supply the fantastic cafe with fresh veggies and herbs, we enjoyed a fantastic lunch there, next time we will try for breakfast.

 This was a really interesting idea, it is a ladybird home made of recycled wood with holes in, it reminded me of how many ladybirds lived in my Globe Artichoke flower and to leave some this year to house ladybirds.

 There are lovely mosaics throughout the gardens, here you can see that  I have just learnt how to use Instagram, same photo, different effects.

 This lovely frog  mosaic is a reminder of the importance of providing habitat space and keeping your gardens free of chemicals.

 Even the seating is hand made and decorated with mosaics....

 In the display garden there were also strawberry and herb towers, one day I plan on making something similar using recycled plastic bottles.

This wall of herbs and vegetables with water dripping through, powered by a solar panel was also an inspiring sight, so many great ideas in action here.

Another of the lovely mosaics, a reminder that nothing need ever be wasted.

This passion-fruit vine arches over a path and the arch is simply a piece of reo, now that we should be able to do.

These raised beds are made from old pallets, there were also wicking beds made from pallets.
 The roosters were very healthy and happy, as were the hens who were housed closer to the cafe.

 I did not need to see this mosaic, I was already smiling after spending a couple of hours here, but loved the fact that you could sit on a seat that said smile.

 At the front gate there is a mosaic asking for donations, which of course we did, but I note that you can also make donations on their website, have a look and see if you want to support this great place.

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