Sunday, September 22, 2013

Calendula, Comfrey and Spring Onions

 I have been reading about the benefits of Calendula and am pleased that the ones that we have planted are growing so well. At this stage we are not using them, other than to attract insects and make the garden look more beautiful, but once they are more established we will be.
We have now got several established Comfrey plants and whilst we knew if their benefits for the soil etc we had no idea that they had such lovely flowers. They are tiny but exquisite.

 Here is another shot of the Comfrey flowers as you can see I am really enjoying using Instagram as it makes editing photos so easy!

This is the flowers and seed head of one of our Spring Onions. We simply buy bunches from the shop and then plant them straight into the ground and then chop them and use them as needed. They will probably never reseed but the insects love them and they are lovely to look at too. You can learn more about them here, here and here.

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