Sunday, November 3, 2013

Berries and Boards (cardboard that is!)

These are the first few flowers on our raspberry plant, last year was the first time we had a crop so I am hoping that we are able to pick them once again. Being able to pick a range of different fruits from your garden is a pleasure that is now part of our daily lives. we do not have a huge garden and we do not tend to have multiple plants of the same type, preferring diversity, so each time we get a crop it is exciting.

The Mulberry tree in the front garden appears to have finished fruiting now, however if is still providing valuable shade for the vegetable garden and a great place for the birds to perch as they swoop in and out of the bird baths. In the back garden we planted a Weeping Mulberry tree this year and are pleased that it is cropping. The fruit is smaller but incredibly sweet and delicious.

We have now decided to get rid of the small rectangle of grass in the front garden and remodel the latest bed so that it is three separate beds with paths in between. So we have laid down newspaper and two layers of cardboard as preparation, this is called sheet mulching. I have stopped planting in the newest bed until we can change it, but harvested Kale today and made some mouthwatering Quiona and Kale Patties from a new blog, Yummy Supper,  both the recipe and the blog are highly recommended.

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