Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weed Control

 Beside the pool are we have a problem with couch grass coming underneath the fence and in between the pavers and all around the base of the jujube tree. So I collected cardboard and paper and decided to lift two rows of pavers and pull out the weeds then cover them.

  I needed to do this in the early morning and the evenings as the area gets really hot, when digging out the weeds the sand beneath the pavers was hot about a foot down. That reminded me how unhelpful pavers are for keeping an area cool or letting water through to the soil. I used very thick layers of paper, my intention is not to plant here, but to give the two trees here a better chance of survival by suppressing the couch grass.

We still had plenty of mulch from our recent delivery so once I had put all the paper down and cardboard I put a thick layer of mulch on.

Here is the finished product, the jujube is on the right, still covered in thorns, but looking healthier already!

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