Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shade, Shutters and Strawberry Guavas

The front of our face faces West and we have temperatures over 40 degrees regularly in summer. Previously we had planted the vine and put in a roller blind and gardens. Each of these steps have made a difference.

We continue to  gradually make more and more changes to improve our capacity to grow more food and to reduce the energy that we use.

Here you can see the 5000 litre water tank in the front garden and the roller shutters that we have now installed on the front window which faces west. This will reduce the heat transfer and provide us with security.

Whilst the heat has a detrimental effect on many of our plants the Strawberry Guava is full of fruit. It has not grown as quickly as we would like as we wanted it to be part of a hedge. However it is in a difficult spot and each year is producing more and more fruit, so we are certainly happy about that.

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