Monday, November 17, 2014

New No - Dig Gardens Update

In September we made the first of two new no-dig gardens using concrete slabs, and free resources from neighbours, workplace canteen, our gardens, worm farms and compost bins for the layers.  Placing just a handful of manure under each and hoping that nature and the worms would turn it all into soil. I did plant too many plants given that so many of them survived and so there is some crowding out, however we are still really pleased and once these crops are finished we will place more layers on.

We were so pleased with the results of this that we created and planted  another bed three weeks ago and planted it with a range of different plants which can be seen in the background. We have now installed a drip system which can be connected to the rainwater tank or scheme system dependent on the day etc. We have also trained the purple beans to go up a piece of string to some brackets on the fascia. This was the beds three weeks ago and shows the walls, sizes and plantings more clearly.

We still have to finish the path between the beds, but needed to finish the watering system first, which is now completed. A great benefit has been the number of small lizards we have noticed sunning themselves on the garden walls.

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