Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Front Garden December 2014

 This photo was taken at dusk and as the house faces west and bears the brunt of the afternoon sun we have worked hard to provide shade using deciduous vines and plants and now shade sails. Originally this was all lawn and over the past few years we have gradually built no dig gardens using re-purposed wood, free layers of mulch, cardboard, newspaper etc and there is only a small strip of lawn on the nature strip. We wanted a food forest garden that also attracted wildlife and the four birdbaths and diversity of plants certainly provide both as well as a peaceful and cool place to be.

 The rainwater tank along the fence is almost empty but this garden also has access to bore water three times a week and the grey water from the washing machine/Gator system. As we are now using grey-water here we are not planting root crops but have a range of perennials and dwarf fruit trees growing.

 We now gave four dwarf apple trees, two dwarf apricots and a dwarf peach and nectarine. On the edges of the garden we have the fejoa hedge and a mulberry tree as well as a pomegranate, figs, a loquat and an olive tree.

The paths have all been mulched as well which has reduced the weeds and increased the retention of moisture. As well the grape vine that can be seen here is going to need some extra support soon as it is becoming very heavy.

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