Sunday, December 21, 2014

Shiraz Grapes Success

This is the pool area at the back of our house it faces East and so gets the morning sun. Over the years we have kept making improvements such as a vine on the back wall and the shade sails to cool the area. We have also been gradually lifting the pavers around the pool and placing gardens in instead, which also reduces the heat and of course produces food.  On the side fence we are growing a shiraz grape and it has been incredibly successful. We have just started harvesting and there are dozens of bunches growing on it. We also have a dwarf plum and plumcot on the fence as well as comfrey and lemongrass. We now have many lemongrass plants and have given some away, all from one plant that we were given about five years ago.
On the outside of the pool we have retained the old fence to use as a trellis and there is a pear tree, lime, bay and grape vine growing along it as well as comfrey. We have added a framework made from wood and wire to the top of the fence so that the grape vines can be grown along it. Our back garden is quite small so maximizing vertical spaces is important.

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