Monday, April 27, 2015

Brazilian Cherries and Pomegranates

This year is the first that we have had fruit on our Brazilian Cherry Tree and we think they are the loveliest looking fruit we have in the garden. They start off green, then change to yellow, and  then get redder and redder until they are ready to eat. They can be a weed in tropical and subtropical areas but are fine in WA. We are eating them fresh from the tree, only about ten so far this year, but at least it has started fruiting after being planted about 4 years ago.

 We have also picked our first pomegranate and have another one on the tree still. We have never actually eaten either of these two fruits before and probably would never have tried them if we had not grown them. It is amazing how trying to become more sustainable has expanded our knowledge and taste buds!

We are also harvesting pears, chokoes, passionfruit, eggplants, Jerusalem artichokes, beans, lettuce, apples, kale, capsicum and lots of herbs at the moment. We are lucky enough to be able to eat something from the garden every day of the year.

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