Monday, December 7, 2015

Extending Raised Beds

Extension on raised bed 2
 The two raised beds that we built out of recycled cement slabs have been so successful that we decided to extend them. The first step was to lift up the next four slabs to make the walls.

The soil that had been created in the raised bed from waste materials.

These beds show the amount of soil that we have created using waste materials such as grass clippings, newspaper, egg cartons, vegetable scraps and clippings, newspaper, and coffee grounds.  The bottom layer is the original sandy soil and the dark layer is the soil that we have created which is full of worms.

Once the slabs had been lifted into place we placed cardboard and paper on the bottom and then tree clippings and then filled the bed with mulch. We then transplanted the coffee plant that has been struggling along with some kale and planted them in a small amount of mushroom compost. The final step will be to extend the drip irrigation system to include the extension.

Here are the two raised beds, both extended and filled with mulch, we are pleased with the result.  Doing this saved double handling the mulch as this mulch was part of the final remains of the 18 cubic metres of mulch that was dropped off last week and needed to be moved off the driveway.

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