Saturday, December 19, 2015

Growing Kiwi Fruit

We have planted  female and male Kiwi Fruit Vines and as they are growing  well we have been thinking about how we can create a space for them to grow properly. Initially we were going to put the sheet of reo up and then bend it over but realised after thinking about it for a while that it would be better to provide maximum space. So we  lifted the reo up and sat it flat on a framework of old sleepers to get it to the right height as this will give maximum growing  space and shade.

 To get it up took three of us, with Andy on the shed and beams. Here you can see the view looking down.  Since then he has chopped out a hole so that the shade sail can be pulled up and down easily. We intend to move the washing line to under the eaves of the house which will give better access to the shed,  some protection in winter and enable the Kiwi Fruit Vine to grow over and shade the path there. The pavers will eventually be removed  and replaced with mulch to ensure that the maximum amount of water reaches the water table and the heat is reduced. As well when the leaves fall we will not need to clean them up as we can allow them to drop on the mulch and feed the microbes and worms etc in the soil. This structure and planting will also provide more privacy from the house next door, always a good thing.

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