Sunday, December 13, 2015

New Grape Arbor

The Shiraz grape vine along the pool fence has grown a great deal and we wanted to provide support for it. So Andy cemented two brackets beside the pool and then left them for a week. Then he placed two recycled pieces of timber from our old pergola as the front posts.

 He then placed two more pieces of timber against the pool fence and a cross beam on the front two pieces of wood.

Andy then put in a back beam and two side beams. We decided to angle them up so that there was plenty of room to walk under the vine but there was not a gap at the back between the fence and the structure. This will have multiple benefits as it will create shade and a cooler area underneath which will be good for the plants under it in the hot Perth weather.
 We then decided that a beam across the middle would be a good idea as when the vine is full of fruit it gets very heavy and would sag. Plus it will make the whole structure sturdier.
 Andy then rolled out a heavy duty wire across the top and decided to take it across to the roof over the pool filter and to the pool fence at the other side. He then wound vine through it and tied some up with string to assist it to find its way to the wire. It looks great and will have multiple benefits allowing the vine to grow out more and increase grape production and enable the grapes to get more sunlight. As it is deciduous sunlight will still be available to the plants below once winter comes.

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