Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Strawberry Gutter Gardens

After working  extending the gardens all weekend we had realised that we were not using all of the available space that we could so after doing some research decided on gutter gardens on a blank wall.
So yesterday Andy visited the local salvage yard and bought two recycled gutters to create some and here are the first two gardens.

They have been cut up into suitable lengths, had holes drilled in the bottom and ends attached, before being attached to the wall.

We then lined them with mulch and mushroom compost and planted strawberries and chives. They will be included in the extended water system soon and we hope that they are successful. Meanwhile we still have three lengths and so will be trialing those in other locations which also have bare wall. I think they look great and am so pleased we were able to use salvaged items and wasted space.

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