Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thanks MulchNet and Shayne's Tree Services

Moved 4 cubic metres of mulch on the weekend as more is on the way
Shayne's Tree Services delivered another 4 cubic metres of mulch which we used to top up all of the food forest garden in the front garden.  We were able to get another load so quickly as we are happy to take load that include palms as we believe that having a diversity of mulches will increase the water-holding capacity and the diversity in our garden. And indeed I have now found information that confirms these capacities here.

We also got a call from Tim at MulchNet after registering on his website.
This led to us having 18 cubic metres of mulch delivered for a fee of $50 which is fantastic value and saves this valuable resource going to the tip.You can see the size of the load in these photos and it has taken us a week to move it all, but it has all been used now and we really appreciate the fact that we have been able to do this.

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