Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter in our Garden

The grapes are finished now and so as the leaves fall they will mostly fall onto mulched areas and gardens. This will save the labour of moving them and also feed the soil below.

Danny, our rescued Greyhound, has continued to assist us by digging up more lawn. He digs very deeply and then we fill the holes with coffee grounds, clipping, food scraps, logs, paper, cardboard etc until they get back to the correct level.  The plants nearby have a burst of growth as we move the  back yard towards being grass free slowly and using waste products.

Meanwhile in the front garden we have now planted beans and peas to grow up the Reo arch as the grape vine there drops its leaves into the garden too.

And I have now separated another Lemongrass plant and added more to the front verge area. As well I have trimmed back the plants that I planted several months ago to help them thicken up. The Pomegranate tree and Sweet Potato vine are still growing as well and hopefully this area will be one that is full of life instead of dead grass as it used to be.

We continue to have the joy of hundreds of birds visit our small garden everyday. They love the birdbaths and all of the natural and man-made perches we provide.  We certainly no longer need alarm clocks if we wish to rise at dawn!

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