Sunday, April 17, 2016

Banana Growing in Perth

Here are the two banana plants that we moved 9 months ago when we decided to create a suitable microclimate for them. The smaller plant is producing smaller bananas and started first, but now above it to the right the next plant has a huge flower bell and has four hands of bananas.

This is the area today with the clump of bananas, putting them together, adding mulch, ponds and other plants has made a huge difference.

This is the same are 4 months ago with the ponds made from an old fridge and small Papaya trees as well.

This is the same are 7 months ago, the blue bag on the right is covering the first bunch of bananas from our original plant. In the foreground is a mango tree which is now doing very well also.

This was taken 8 months ago when we decided to move these struggling bananas from beside the pool and create an area suited to them. The change over this time has been rapid. We did make a mistake of trying to move more pups in summer, all of which died. We will not make that mistake again. This area has surpassed all of our expectations and has gone from being a problem area to one of our most beautiful and productive spots.

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