Monday, April 25, 2016

Building Communities and People

As the winter rains begin to fall here in Perth I am happy as I know they will water our gardens and fill the rainwater tanks. However I also know that this is an extra difficult time for those in our community who are homeless. We are currently collecting bread at the end of each day from a local bakery and passing it on to organizations/individuals who are assisting homeless people in this area. We also support Swags for Homeless and the Big Issue, both of whom are doing amazing work with those who are enduring homelessness. We will continue to find ways to make a contribution as the impact for those who are in this situation are enormous and sadly the numbers are growing. We would like to see a world where everyone had the opportunity to fulfill their potential in a safe, supportive environment. We really appreciate all of the organizations and people who are taking on this issue and trying to make a better society for us all.

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