Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mulberries, Mulch and More

More bananas on the way - hooray, this is the third bunch in our grove, and so great that they will all be staggered. Here are the other two bunches with a rapidly growing Paw Paw tree beneath them. Planting them in clumps, with mulch and the frog ponds has been very helpful and the bananas are now really tall and lush.

Amazingly a piece of Mulberry I cut off the tree and used as a stake for another tree is now sprouting leaves and turning itself from a stake into a tree. This will be great to give away in the future and I have already found a new home for it, will just give it a bit longer to get some more roots before potting it up. I guess then I will make another stake and see what happens.

Here is another pile of mulch from Shayne's Tree Services, we said yes as they were right around the corner but as we only finished the last truckload last week this will be used slowly. As it is winter that is not such a problem and we have also offered it to neighbours. We have now put over 60 cubic metres on our yard and nature strip and the benefits of no lawn mowing, reduced water usage and weeds and improved food production have been outstanding.

One of the things that we have done is used mulch to build up our Hugelkultur beds  and here we have the first seedlings appearing in the second bed. The Willy Wagtails love visiting too and can be seen hopping over the beds catching bugs almost all day, which we love to see.

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