Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mahaguthi - Craft with a Conscience

 As long term customers, and as a former staff member and volunteer at Oxfam for many years, we ensure that if we do need to buy gifts we purchase them from Fair Trade suppliers like Oxfam. As well any other items that can be bought as a Fair Trade option, like tea, coffee, soap nuts etc, we also always buy from a Fair Trade supplier. We believe that where you spend your money  demonstrates your values and contributes in a small way to the world that you want to live in. This is why we choose Fair Trade and ethical purchasing as then people and the planet are protected by ensuring fair wages, no child labour, equality, opportunity and no chemical use. .. Below is the story that accompanies this Oxfam video and shows the impact that everyday purchases can make.

Mahaguthi are one of Oxfam Shop’s Fair Trade producer partners and market the handicrafts of more than 1,000 Nepali artisans working in 150 workshops. Mahaguthi sell their beautifully hand crafted products through a network of stores in Nepal and export to various Fair Trade organisations in Australia, Europe, Japan and North America.

This inspiring and uplifting video follows Mahaguthi’s work with Amit Kumar, a Nepalese artisan who had been living on the street with his family before he began working with Mahaguthi. Since working with Mahaguthi Amit is now earning a fair and stable income and was able to secure an interest free loan from Mahaguthi to build his family a home.

As part of Mahaguthi’s focus on developing women’s skills Mahaguthi also employ five mute women. Rudra is one of these women. Rudra had not been welcome to live in her family home due to her disability and inability to contribute financially but now that Rudra is working she is able to help support her family and save some money for herself.

Mahaguthi’s main aim is to increase the economic empowerment of its artisans. Artisans receive medical and education allowances, paid leave and maternity leave. A significant portion of Mahaguthi’s profit goes to Tulsi Mehar Mahila Ashram, a shelter home for women and children which focuses on rehabilitation.

Help support our producer partners like Mahaguthi by switching to Fair Trade today. ( Source )

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