Friday, October 21, 2016

Flourishing Today

 This is the recycled gutter garden that we built earlier this year with the Bok Choy flowering and attracting lots of bees. Hopefully they will self-seed into the gardens around them and we have enjoyed being able to pick fresh leaves every day for weeks and weeks. The native violets also attract bees and as the thyme grows bigger it will too. The lettuces and strawberries are also doing well, although that may change as the weather gets warmer.


We currently have a garden full of self seeded nasturiums, which we are leaving in place as much as possible as they are great nitrogen fixing plants and the bees and butterflies love them. If we do need to pull any out we chop and drop them straight onto the mulch to feed the soil and other plants. Three of the four grape vines now have leaves on them and bunches of grapes starting and the pepino bush also has lots of flowers and fruit. The mulberry tree is also covered in fruit and I can see that mulberry tree seedling are also growing beneath the tree which means I will be able to give some more plants away which I love to do,

Another quick harvest of white sweet potatoes, they are so delicious and much easier to grow here than potatoes we really love them. They still retain a great taste and texture even when they are huge and can be used in so many dishes. As well the leaves can be eaten and the bees love the flowers, win win!

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