Sunday, December 11, 2016

"Peace in Colombia: From the Impossible to the Possible"

Today I think of my dear Colombian friend Lina. I hope that the award of the Nobel Peace prize to President Juan Manuel Santos, for his work to bring the country's civil war to an end, will mean that Lina, and indeed all Colombians, will now  be able to live together in peace. In doing so they will set an example for so many other countries/communities struggling to find a way forward into a peaceful world.

We are all fortunate that Alfred Nobel had such generosity and foresight. As well, that those who work to fulfill his dreams are able to provide inspiration and hope across so many fields of endeavour, all of which make the world a better place for everyone.


"I must confess to you that this news came as if it were a gift from heaven. At a time when our ship felt adrift, the Nobel Prize was the tailwind that helped us to reach our destination: the port of peace!
Thank you; thank you very much for this vote of confidence and faith in the future of my country"
(extracted from the Nobel Lecture of Juan Manuel Santos: Source - 11.12.16).

To learn more you can click on this link.

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