Saturday, December 17, 2016

Wave Hill Walk Off - Fifty Years On

"Fifty years ago, the Gurindji people of the Northern Territory made their name across Australia with the 1966 Wave Hill Walk-Off. It was a landmark event that inspired national change: equal wages for Aboriginal workers, as well as a new Land Rights Act.
Although it took another two decades, the Gurindji also became one of the first Aboriginal groups to reclaim their traditional lands. Many people know a small part of the walk-off story because of the song From Little Things, Big Things Grow about 200 stockmen, house servants and their families who walked off Wave Hill Station on 23 August 1966, in protest at appalling pay and living conditions." ( Extracted -  For more information you can click on this link.

These two videos show the pride and love of these young Gurindji people in their land, history and community and is a direct result of the courage and sacrifice of those who went before them.

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