Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Peace For Syria

In March 2011, after four decades of dictatorship, the Syrian people rose up peacefully to demand freedom and dignity. The regime of Bashar al-Assad crushed that uprising with force, triggering an international war that has killed more than 400,000 and driven 12 million from their homes. This extract from The Syria Campaign Website reminds us of the and horror that ordinary people in Syria are facing every day.  For almost six years now this appalling situation has continued and the deaths and injuries just keep mounting and mounting. It is disgraceful and ordinary Syrians, like ordinary people around the world should have the right to live in a peaceful democracy. This needs to end and those who are hurting others should stop and those who are standing by and could help should take action. There are amazing ordinary people carrying the burden of the suffering and the rescuing. It is time for those governments and organizations who are not doing as they should do do so.

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