Sunday, March 19, 2017

In Our Garden

These bananas and the sweet potato vine have all come from one 'mother' plant so represent excellent value for anyone who wants to be able to propagate their own plants for free. Not only that they are beautiful plants and produce delicious food.

One of the four grape vines that have fruited in abundance this year, giving us fruit to eat and even more to share with others. The sweet potatoes shown here may not look delicious but they are and so was the pumpkin that was a volunteer as a result of our composting all of our food scraps.
We were given one lemon-grass plant about 6 years ago and from that have propagated over a hundred, most of which, like these, we have given away. As well we are glad to able to share with others the loquat trees that have grown from seeds from our tree and the mulberry trees that we have grown from cuttings. We love to see other people also getting pleasure, satisfaction and food from their own yards.

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