Friday, May 19, 2017

Snails, Mathematics and Permaculture

We grow a great deal of food in our garden and are often asked what we snail poison we use. Our answer is that we don't kill them and nor do we have a problem with them eating everything. Because we grow using permaculture practices we also have lots of lizards, frogs and birds that visit our garden. So our snail population lives within that and is part of the healthy eco-system that we have created. Indeed, watching a snail move gently across the landscape is a fascinating and calming experience, each is unique and the shape of the shell, a logarithmic spiral, can even be used to teach Maths.

For more information on the wonder of snails you can click on this link. For more information on how to use snails when teaching/learning Mathematics you can click on this link. For more information on patterns in Permaculture you can click on this link.


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