Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fruit trees in the WA food garden

Growing Fruit Trees has been a rewarding and interesting experience, we are learning about new fruits all the time. Above is the back wall of the house in June 2008 with the first potted fruit trees and shrubs, on view are the Apple Trees, the Bay Tree, the Kaffir Lime and the Pepino bush. Below is a recent photo of one of the Apple trees growing along the wall, beside the pool.

And beside it the pot with Pizza Thyme, a Bay Tree and a Geranium is flourishing too.

Meanwhile the Pomegranate Tree is enjoying life on the front porch, lucky it likes hot weather as it bears the full brunt of the hot western sun all afternoon.

Eventually we plan on digging up the front lawn and having more food growing there, but as we are very close to the coast and face the West the wind and heat are a real problem. So we decided to plant a hedge, it includes a Mulberry Tree, and Almond Tree and quite a few Pineapple Guava trees. The photo below shows the hedge on the day that it was planted in August 2008

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