Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update 6th June 2010

Here is our entire apple crop this year, we chopped it up between three of us and enjoyed it, but have now planted the Apple trees in the garden in the hopes of getting more fruit.
We have put them in the large no dig garden in the back yard as it is actually too deep and a nuisance to reach for vegetables and herbs. So it will be better to have something that does not need picking all of the time and that we can espalier across the fence.
The Orange Tree in a pot still has three oranges on and as you can see they are ripening nicely, we are looking forward to tasting them soon.

As you can see the volunteer Tomato plants are still doing really well, though a tad difficult to pick. The Lemon Grass has grown a great deal, as has the Wormwood bush.

Also out the back and along the newly extended pool garden the transplanted Chives are doing well, as is the Marshmallow plant. The Stevia bush is really struggling so I have chopped it right back, but the Snow Pea seeds  have sprouted and I have now attached some wire to the fence posts which will hopefully make their task of climbing easier.

We have now extended the new front herb garden so the edge of the column and planted carrots in there.The Perennial Basil is now doing really well, though the Lemon Basil is struggling.

One of the Lillypilly bushes has now been planted and we are hoping to be able to hedge it as it grows, as it is so small it will be a while before we need to do that.

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