Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update 17th July Extensions and Persimmons

Today we worked on extending the front no dig garden, we removed dirt from grass that had been dug up, laid down wet paper...

Then we put down another old pergola sleeper along the edge.
And one at the end to finish it off.

Next we emptied 4 huge sacks of wet and mouldy grass clippings and leave that had been left for us by our kindly lawnmower man, and raked it across the dirt.

This was followed by bags of sheep manure, pea straw, blood and bone, more grass and sheep manure, all in layers.Watering each layer as we went.

We are really pleased with the finished product and will let it settle for a week and hope to plant some seeds in it next week.
Could not resist these beauties, they have flourished since being removed from the pot that the Olive tree was in.

Another good job that was done today was the planting of the final fruit tree in the front yard, another team effort! This is a Persimmon tree, fingers crossed it will be beautiful.

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