Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chinese Date

This is the tiny Jujube Tree that I mentioned in the last post, we have been told that it will produce fruit next year, which would be fabulous!

The white posts are so that no one walks into it as it is so small. It also has lots of large thorns but these will disappear altogether after a couple ofyears.

 It has been planted in the front lawn and will hopefully at some point in the future provide shade on the front porch which gets very hot in summer. as it is deciduous it will not block the winter sun which we need to warm the house up. and as it is happy to be pruned we can keep it to a manageable size.

The pot has some Rosemary cuttings in it which are doing well and in the background you can see the Nasturtiums, Kale and Perpetual Spinach. All of which are doing very well.

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