Monday, August 16, 2010

WA Update 15th August 2010

We are growing Snow Peas up the old pool fence and they have just started flowering, cannot wait until we have some to eat.
The Everlasting Daisies are looking blooming marvelous out the front, though they do seem to have enveloped  the Fig Tree!

Pulled all the  Purple Dragon Carrots out today and planted  Cylindra Beetroot and  Darwin and Cos Lettuce, The Perennial Spinach and kale are still flourishing.
The little garden we put beside the front porch is now doing well, the Basil is large and bushy and so is the Purple Sage, in the front you can see more carrots and our first Coriander grown from seed.
Have now cleared out two of the volunteer tomato bushes and planted Borlotti beans and Massey Gem peas which will hopefully grow up the fence. Have also planted some more Thyme and Oregano which will be a ground cover. Watered everything in with a seaweed mixture and added lots of shredded scrap paper and the contents of our new Bokashi bucket to the compost heap.

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