Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back Food Garden

Standing on the bath tub and trying to saw off branches of an old citrus tree gave me a chance to have a different view of the garden. We are moving the fridge door at the other end of this garden, but the sand needed moving first. The apple trees appear to be coping well here and in this garden there is also French Sorrel, Feverfew, Carrots, Capsicum, Basil, Spring Onions and self seeded Tomatoes and Sage.
The Mango Tree at the end of this bed seems to prefer it in the ground than the pot and has lots of buds on it. I put some mulch and worm juice on it today. I also gave the Passionfruit vine a trim and some Potash, Blood and Bone and the shell of a Crayfish.

We have also been given a worm farm by a neighbour who is no longer able to use it. So I pulled them both apart, put castings in gardens and the compost bins and put cardboard and wet newspaper in with food scraps. Worm farms are an incredibly efficient way of dealing with waste and improving the soil.

Whilst trimming the plants I discovered our very first 'proper' Asparagus Spear- so exciting! I have cleared some of the Nasturtiums away from it in the hope that more will appear.

The dwarf Nectarine is laden with flowers and is the first of the deciduous fruit tress to flower. Although I noticed today that the Peacharine has a bud which is about to open, and of course the Blackcurrant bush is covered with buds.

The snow peas continue to thrive and have reached the top of the fence, hopefully the peas and beans I have planted will also enjoy this spot.

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