Sunday, September 5, 2010

Planting, Peas and Passion Fruit Flummery

This is the first time that we have grown Snow Peas and I was really happy to pick some today, they will be delicious in a stir fry later this week.
Also picked another Passionfruit  and was able to make a Passionfruit Flummery for dessert tonight.

The Everlasting Daises are still looking stunnning on the front nature strip.
And today we have topped up half of the garden, transplanted seedlings that have grown from the seeds planted a few weeks ago and added a whole lot more. Not sure how it will all go, but we have lettuce, Red Fig Tomatoes, Yellow Pear tomatoes, Mini Eggplants, Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes and Bok Choy.  We also used worm juice on all the potted fruit trees and added paper to the compost bins.

Below are some photos showing some of the other workers in the garden, thank goodness for insects.

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