Monday, December 27, 2010

Rocket Pesto - Enjoying Produce

I have never really liked cooking but having grown food crops I hate to see them go to waste so am now learning new kitchen skills as well as new gardening skills. Our Rocket bushes are huge and so I decided to learn how to make Rocket Pesto last night. It was a valuable experience in lots of ways.  Firstly I learnt how to operate the food processor,then I learnt just how much Rocket you need to make three jars of Pesto.  This took three very large plants to make. I combined two recipes that I found online and it is delicious.

 Two of the jars of Rocket pesto were frozen for future use, whilst the first has been used on pasta dishes and pizza bases. One jar goes a long way and here you can see the final scrapings of the jar combined with homegrown tomatoes and pasta- still as delicious as the first day it was made.

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